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Vulcain's technology for security and industrial inspections

Vulcain is fitted with a propulsion technology which allows to drastically increase the "flight time vs. payload" compromise compared to conventional multirotors, while being among the quietest on the market. These are key assets for security-related operations, where discretion and flight time are essential. Inspections also require sufficient flight time to cover the site being inspected, and are often legally stringent, due to the highly populated surroundings or to the sensitivity of the infrastructures the UAV is flying over. 

Based of the previous statement, Evodrone is visiting the 2017 edition of Xponential in Dallas, Texas, in order to discuss the integration within the Vulcain of payloads designed for these kinds of operations. Development will start directly after the show and will lead to a new variant of the Vulcain being launched in 2018. 

Xponential is among the world's largest venues dedicated to Unmanned Systems Technologies. It gathers 650+ manufacturers and 7000+ professional visitors from around the world, presenting the latest technological trends