A prototype for Public Safety


The benefits of drones for public safety and surveillance applications is a fact. The Vulcain is an especially well suited aerial vehicle for such applications, with is very low noise level, long flight time, light weight and weather resistance. In this respect, Evodrone has developed and manufactured in under six weeks and variant of the Vulcain designed for Public safety applications: the Vulcain SD. 

The Vulcain SD is fitted with both a thermal and a full-HD camera, making it particularly suitable for intrusion detections, intelligence, or monitoring of sensitive areas for instance. No skill is required to fly it, thanks to a very high level of automation, from pre-flight tests to take off, flight, landing and power-down.  The mission can be planned ahead or adjusted in-flight on a tablet, with an interactive map on which complex geofences, exclusion area or points of interest can be defined. The robust digital radio-link gives the Vulcain SD a range of 3km (1.9 mile), and can be encrypted should this be required. Just like the standard Vulcain, the Vulcain SD weighs 2kg (4.4lbs) and it can fly for half-an-hour using its intelligent batteries certified for aerial transportation (UN38.3).

For more information on the Vulcain SD: contact us.