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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have countless applications, each of which involves different technical and operational requirements. As experts in the design of Micro-Aerial-Vehicles, we are willing to share our knowledge and network in order to study, develop and manufacture tomorrow's professional flying tools. Our engineers can step in at any phase of your project, from early stage where requirements and feasibility are analysed, to the industrialization of an existing prototype so your project can be scaled-up with persistent quality and reliability at stake.

Our true strength lies in the expertise we have gained through the development of our own products, which combine innovation, technicity, performance and cost efficiency. At Evodrone, we can help you turn your projects into reality.

Become an expert of our drones

Our UAVs are professional devices offering countless possibilities. In order to take advantage of their full potential, and to guarantee long-lasting flawless operations, we provide specific courses to our customers so they can familiarize themselves with our products. The main goals are the following:

  • Discover the product's extensive functionnalities
  • Get to know its specific features and characteristics
  • Learn about the routine maintenance operations

Note : we do not provide courses for the delivery of a professional UAV operator's certificate.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Your drone will always be ready for take-off

Considering the broad range of missions that drones can accomplish, they can sometimes be severely stressed. We therefore provide our customers with a comprehensive maintenance service, dedicated to keeping their drone in optimal operating condition over time. As designer and manufacturer of our products, we are fully equipped for any kind of maintenance operation, from the most simple routine action to the most complex composite repair. Our maintenance services can be arranged in different bundles, tailored to each of our customer's needs:

  • One-time maintenance operation
  • Annual subscription for preventive maintenance
  • Full Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) contract, including recurring battery replacement

With our extensive knowledge of our products, customers are guaranteed to receive a highly responsive, cost-effective and quality service, extending indefinitely the lifespan of their UAV. Your investment will pay off before you know it!