The hightlighted team
Arthur Gardin
Chief Executive Officer

Arthur shares, with his associate Florent, the vision of a UAV industry with high-tech, reliable and high-performance products, meeting stringent aeronautical standards. Comfortable with management, communcation and marketing, as well and VBA, CAD and machining, he is driving Evodrone with passion and ambition toward its best future, while keepind his feet on the ground and his expert eyes on the products.  Passionate and multi-skilled, Arthur is the team's handy-businessman.

Florent Roque
Chief Technology Officer

The Vulcain is born from an innovative design, meticulously led by Florent. Ever since he founded the company with Arthur, Florent has been in charge of the technical developments, in a compulsive quest for simplicity, weight reduction and efficiency. His determination and passion for anything technical make Florent the Engineer of the team.

Pierric Guiral
Embedded Systems Engineer

On a typical day's work, Pierric essentially develops embedded software and elaborates the electronics together with the subcontractors. His job requires a close cooperation with the mechanical engineers from the Design Office, so that everything works together smoothly. Working on embedded systems requires a broad range of technical competences as well as the ability to capture the big picture. His human and technical qualities turned Pierric into a key component of R&D.