Introducing the
a drone
Beyond state of the art
Unique in-flight performance

Stop choosing between flight time and payload capacity. With its patented propulsion technology, Vulcain can carry 650g of payload (wich represente over a quarter of its take-off weight), with a confortable flight time of 25 minutes. Would you rather maximize the flight time ? With a payload of 200g, your missions will last up to 50 minutes. Vulcain is the ideal choice for urban and sub-urban missions where weight and noise levels are limited. What's more, its discretion makes it particularly suitable for surveilance and public-safety applications, as well as any mission in sensitive natural environments. Whatever your application, if you are looking for record breaking payload or flight-time within a 2.5kg multirotor, we can deliver on short notice, thanks to the industralization level of the Vulcain-class airframe. 

light-weight vehicle for maximum regulatory compliance
Flight time of 25 to 50 minutes
Reduced operational costs
Unique in-flight handling qualities
Key features

The engineers at Evodrone designed Vulcain from scratch. After four years of development and having filed three patents, they managed to push the limit of multirotor performances, essentially by using optimized variable-pitch rotors. As a consequence, the efficiency of this new propulsion system was drastically increased, as well as maneuverability and discretion of multirotors UAVs. This innovative technology also benefits Vulcain's reliability, lowering the average current running through the sensitive power-electronic devices, which are often considered a weak-point of conventional multirotors.

What’s more, every single component within Vulcain is designed with performance, integration, and reliability in mind. From Computer Aided Design to composite manufacturing, from mechanical engineering to embedded systems as well as aerodynamics, Evodrone has mastered every single aspect of Vulcain's value chain, either through its team's know-how, or through its network of expert partners. This gives you the guarantee that Vulcain is a uniquely optimized drone, fitted with only the best custom equipment such as high-performance composite rotor-blades, custom-designed brushless motors, ultra-light 3D composite frame, specific smart-batteries, fully integrated autopilot and datalinks, and a flawless vibration isolation system.

With this amount of engineering and innovation gone into Vulcain, you can be sure that it will please you with well-balanced flight controls and pinpoint accuracy, even in the most demanding situations.

Mission quality is our top priority at Evodrone. Our engineers have given everything they had to maximize Vulcain's payload capacity. 

Ranging from a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera to a bispectral target-tracking zoom-capable gimbal, Evodrone can achieve any sensor integration within a maximum weight of 650g. The result will certainly be the best "Total weight / Payload / flight time" compromise on the UAV market.

Conscious that vibrations can ruin the potential of high-performance payloads, we have developped a unique vibration isolation system among the most efficient on the market. It will guarantee optimal operation of your payload, whatever the conditions.

Your drone is a valuable work-tool which must be designed as cost effective as possible. This is why our engineers have meticulously gone through every single cost-item related to the daily operation of a professional UAV. As a result, our batteries have been designed for an exceptionally long lifetime which, combined with the flight time they provide, cuts down their yearly renewal expense by a factor of five, compared to standard Li-Po technology. 

Besides, Vulcain is designed so that your daily procedures are simplified, from preflight preparation to minor maintenance operations. For instance, the battery is connected and removed in a single motion, and a complete power-unit can be removed with a single screw. This will save you valuable time every day, so you can focus on your mission.

Vulcain can also replace several different UAVs in a single aircraft, combining their different operational capabilities without suffering their respective limitations. Within 2.5 kg, Vulcain can fly during half-an-hour, with a payload usually found on drones weighing 4 kg and more. This means you can use it in city-centers as well as in the countryside, within visual line of sight and beyond through its long-range digital radio link. You can also be confident that Vulcain complies with most drone regulations around the world, thanks to an ultra-high payload to weight ratio keeping the nominal take-off weight at just 2.5 kg. Your UAV fleet will be streamlined with a higher use-rate and harmonized operations, leading to increased profits.

Up to 650g of payload
Versatile user interface based on Pixhawwk
Digital downlink with embedded HD video
Optional multi-operator
Tech Specs


Type: Variable pitch quadrotor

Overall weight:

2 kg to 2.5 kg/ 4.4 lbs to 5.5 lbs (including payload and battery)

Maximum dimensions:
(without rotors)

Length: 770 mm / 30.3" - Width: 690 mm / 27.2" - Height: 160 mm / 6.3" - Diagonal (rotor to rotor): 817 mm / 32.2"

Rotors diameter:

500 mm / 19.7"

Flight time:

25 minutes with 650g of payload
50 minutes with 200g of payload

Noise level:

<42 dBA at 50m / 150ft (undetectable)
<50 dBA at 10m / 33ft (less than a quiet residential area)
<62 dBA at 3m / 9 ft

Autopilot: Modified Pixhawk

Flight modes:

Manual/Indoor (without GPS assistance)
GPS (with GPS assistance)
Director (controls the drone regardless of its orientation)
Mission (flight-plan with waypoints) 

Main safety features:

Auto-land at starting point
Flight Data Recorder (Black-box)
Flight systems auto-test (electronics, battery, motors, collective-pitch actuators)

Other features:

Smart Battery Monitoring System
Electronic flight-log


Cells chemistry:

Lithium-Ion NMC


>500 cycles

Charging: 2h30' at 0.5C (with provided charger)


Integrated cells protection
Advanced flight time and lifetime calculation
LED state of charge indicator
Quick plug-and-play design
Anti-spark connection


UN38.3 (Battery air-transportation requirements)

Capacity and Voltage: According to vehicle configuration