Performance dedicated to your talent

Introducing the very first drone designed for professional aerial video, with a patented propulsion technology for unbelievable performances. Weighing in at 2 kg, Vulcain carries the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and a full-HD video downlink during half-an-hour, so you can unleash your creativity, hassle-free!

Anywhere, anytime

With its patented variable-pitch rotor technology, Vulcain pushes the limits of aerial video further than ever. Fly it anywhere, from city-centers to nature reserves, in the rain or over the ocean... Increased flight-time, quiet and versatile: these are just some of Vulcain's assets that will make the difference on a video shoot!

Professionnal camera Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
Regulatory compliance 2 kg with camera
Record breaking flight time Half an hour with camera
Seriously Innovative