Performance Discretion
Patented variable pitch propulsion technology

With its patented propulsion technology, Evodrone doubles the energy efficiency of multirotor UAVs. In other words, with this technology, multirotors have twice the flight time or payload capacity compared to conventional multirotors.

Your 2.5kg UAV

Evodrone developped the Vulcain-class aerial vehicle for any application requiring up to 650g of payload. With it's take-off weight of 2 to 2.5kg, Vulcain is designed to maximize payload capaticy (200 to 650 grams), without compromising its flight time of 25 to 50 minutes.

Unique payload capacity Twice more payload comared to conventional UAVs
Absolute discretion Significantly low noise signature
Record breaking flight time Due to twice the energy efficiency compared to conventional multirotors
Seriously Innovative